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A Region is an enclosure that is widely divided by bodily features, human impact features, and the interaction of humanity and the ecosystem. IEEE has been split up into 10 geographical units called ‘Regions’. The United States of America has been divided into Region 1 to Region 6. Canada falls under Region 7. Europe, Middle East, and Africa have been categorized into Region 8. Again, Region 9 consists of only Latin America. On the other hand, Asia and the Pacific have been placed as Region 10. The main objective of the Region is to support the worldwide technology community to enhance the quality of living for humanity. As IEEE is the world’s largest technical organization so the needs of its members are met swiftly after proper divisions which are known as Regions. Membership recruitment, retention strategies, and implementation are better carried out consequently. The volunteers are always informed, and their activities coordinated so that their respective regions remain most vibrant and active among 10 geographical regions in IEEE.

The geographic units of IEEE (Sections, Chapters, Affinity Groups, and Student Branches) prepare distinctive opportunities for members to participate in presentations and leadership conveniences so that they can make a positive reputation in IEEE members’ jobs and careers.

2020 IEEE Region 10 ExCom meeting Image: 2020 IEEE Region 10 Executive Committee Meeting (Source https://www.ieeer10.org)

Region 10 has the most extensive number of members compared to the other regions. It is usually referred to as the Asia Pacific Region. It is the unique Region in IEEE showing steady growth in membership and counts more than 135,000 members by the end of 2019, the number is almost 32% of the entire membership of IEEE. A total of 58 Sections and 6 Councils alone are in Asia and Pacific along with

  • 35 Subsections
  • 44 WIE Affinity Groups
  • 46 YP Affinity Groups
  • 14 Life Members Affinity Groups
  • 697 Chapters, and
  • 1600 Student Branches

There is a total of 5 IEEE facilities under Region 10 which are in Singapore, Beijing, Bangalore, Tokyo, and Shenzhen to assist IEEE members in all ways possible. The organizational units collaborate to deliver better services and value to their members.

The IEEE Asia-Pacific office’s main objective is to serve the members in the Region 10 by assisting its Committees and Director’s in their activities. Operations are:

  • The office encourages the Director and Committee members to plan, organize and coordinate the meeting of Region 10
  • The office assists the Region 10 Coordinators in advancing IEEE membership and their activities
  • The office encourages the formation of new IEEE organizational units
  • The office collects and reports responses from volunteers and members on IEEE procedures, benefits, and services for the region
  • The office endeavors to work with Societies to promote the IEEE, society memberships and technical activities in the region

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Tue - 3rd October, 2023 [GMT+6]