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Very well known intra varsity as well as national level contests are arranged every year ..


Friday, 13 July 2018 at 10 AM - 3.30 PM


TOPIC : “Empathy to Engineering: Solution for Macro Issues”

IEEE RUET Student Branch has hosted the contest “The Ultimate Innovator Hunt” on 13th July, 2018 with 60 participants at ECE seminar room, RUET. The program started at around 10 am. Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal sir, Prof. Dr. Ajay Krishno Sarkar sir, and Ms. Tasnim Binte Shawkat madam were the honorable judges of this contest. They examined the projects, talked with the participants and imparted further suggestions for the better modifications of their projects. After a lunch break, Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal sir took a session (technical talk) on “FPGA Applications in Education”. Meanwhile Prof. Ramalatha Marimuthu, SS12 chair delivered her valuable speech for the contestants through online. After the final speech of the judges, Prof. Dr. Ajay Krishno Sarkar sir presented both Tasnim Binte Shawkat madam and Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal sir token of appreciation.
The name of the four selected teams were declared after this segment who are going to take part in the SS12 Innovation challenge and Maker Fair 2018’s “Maker Fair” track which will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on September, 2018. The selected teams are as follows:
Champion: Team X (RUET)
First runner-up: Team Drogon (RUET)
Second runner-up: Team Guard (RUET)
Third runner-up: Team Detector (RUET)

The champion and first runner-up team were given 15k and 5k BDT respectively for further encouragement. With a photo session segment, the program ended at around 3:30 pm.



May 5 – May 6 ,2016



Technology is changing very fast and the people with the help of this technology are being upgraded dynamically. University can become the platforms by organizing innovative events to update not only the students but their surroundings. From the very beginning IEEE RUET Student Branch has been hosting innumerable technical events in order to encourage the students to come forward with innovative ideas and prove themselves. To continue this flow, IEEE RUET Student Branch organized a nation level competition titled “Robo-Droid Championship-2016” supported by EMK Centre, Dhaka. Robo-Droid Championship-2016, an interuniversity competition,was  basically consists of three contests. At the same time, recognized professionals in these sectors will attend as speaker for technical seminar which was arranged during the program. The competitions, which was organized, are following:

1. Line follower robot competition: Technology is the fast growing industry as of right now and it has no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The robot revolution has already begun and tech optimists believe this revolution will boost productivity and bring economic growth. Building a line follower is considered as first step in this sector. So, a line follower robot competition, which is designed to motivate the beginners in this sector, will be arranged in this program.

2. Maze Solver Robot Competition: The advancement in robotics is increasing day by day. They are now used in different sectors to serve humanity. Scientists and engineers of different countries are engaged to build intelligent robot. To inspire students, a robotic competition on maze solving will be arranged in this program. This program is designed to prepare students for international level robotic competition and enhance their skill in advanced robotics.

3. Mobile App Contest: At present, smart phone has become a part of our daily life. So, there is huge demand of new app for smart phone to fulfill customer’s demand. The apps are used for entertainment and sometimes as a solution of social problem. An app development contest will be organized in this program to encourage students about involving their creativity in this sector. .

Intra RUET Robo-App Challenge

 Friday, April 8 at 8:30 AM


TOPIC :  Intra RUET Robo-App Competition

From the very beginning, IEEE RUET Student Branch has focused on enhancing students’ knowledge on the various fields of technology. To take another step towards this goal, IEEE RUET Student Branch hosted an intra RUET competition which   took place on 7th April, 2016. The competition involves Line Follower Robot Competition, Maze Solving Robot Competition and App Development Competition. This competition had been designed for preparing students of RUET for upcoming national event titled “Robo-Droid Championship-2016”. This competition created create an opportunity for enhancing skills of young talents.

Line Follower Robot: A Line Follower Robot is an autonomous robot which is able to follow either a black or white line that is drawn on the surface consisting of a contrasting color. It is designed to move automatically and follow the made plot line. These robots are very popular with university students. A line follower robot competition has been included in this program for making students interested in robotics.

Maze Solver Robot: It is based on one of the most important areas of robot, which is “Decision Making Algorithm”. The robot is placed in unknown environment, and it requires having a good decision making capability to reach goal. So, a maze solving robot competition is going to be organized in this program for enriching skills of the students.

Mobile Application Development Contest: The number of smart phone users is increasing at a high rate. They are very popular, because of amazing apps. Developers have involved themselves to meet demand. So, an app development contest will be organized to motivate students in this sector.

Green Brain 2015

 December 17, 2015 – December 18, 2015


TOPIC :  Electronics based project competition , Idea contest ,Poster design competition, Article writing competition

Technological Development is based on acquiring knowledge in different technical sector and their implementation. IEEE RUET Student Branch has a goal to inspire students for involving themselves in implementation of their acquired knowledge through every program. To continue this flow, IEEE RUET Student Branch  arranged a program titled “Green Brain 2015” sponsored by The American Center, U. S. Embassy- Dhaka. Four competitions including seminars were arranged. Details of the competitions are following:

1. Electronics based project competition: Manual work is being replaced by automatic system day by day. Electronics devices have a great impact in this sector. An Electronics Based Project Competition can give students opportunity to implement their ideas to improve this sector. In this competition, participants will bring electronics based projects which have utility towards humanity. 

2. Idea contest: Most of the time, students have technology based ideas which can be implanted in business sector. But, they do not get opportunities to express their ideas and to make them applicable. This competition will give them a stage to show their creativity. The main goal of competition is creating a platform to spread entrepreneurship among students.

3. Poster design competition: Natural disasters often cause death and serious damages. The bad effects can be reduced by using latest technologies. A poster design competition based on “Defense against natural disaster by technology” will be arranged in this program. Participants of the competition will bring poster to show their concept related to the topic on the date of competition.

4. Article writing competition: An article writing competition will be arranged only for female students. In the competition, the participants will write on a topic titled “Your thoughts on advancing Humanitarian causes through technology”. The participants should be present personally on the competition to take part.

RoboTour & Programming Contest

 March 19, 2015 – March 20, 2015



RoboTour & Programming Contest was organized and managed jointly by IEEE RUET Student Branch and Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology. It is granted by The American Center of U. S. Embassy, Dhaka. 
The purpose of “RoboTour and Programming Contest” was to start a small initiative to create a networking and development platform for the engineering students who are interested in robotics and programming. The whole event was to be held for two long days. There were seminars for the interested students on career development, robotics and programming in this two days event along with the robotic and programming contest. The seminar was conducted by renowned speakers to increase the view of robotics among the students. We had attractive amount of money as a prize for both the programming and robotic winners. Considering all the fact, we had given emphasis on this event only to expose the potentiality of the engineering students in robotics and programming. 
Most importantly, our Programming Contest was categorised into two parts. Category-1 is open for all the undergraduate students of all UGC approved universities of Bangladesh and Category-2 is open for only the undergraduate students of Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET).The second category was introduced only to encourage the junior programmers of RUET. 

Prize money for Robotics Contest (in BDT):
First Prize: 40K
Second Prize: 30K
Third Prize: 10K
Fourth Prize: 3K
Fifth Prize: 2K

Prize money for Programming Contest _Category-1 (in BDT):
First Prize: 30K
Second Prize: 15K

Prize money for Programming Contest_Category-2 (in BDT):
First Prize: 10K
Second Prize: 5K