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Event Details & Segments

This workshop will cover up the following activities-
● Keynote speech (at least 4)
● Quiz test
● Workshop on CST Software
● Workshop on HFSS Software
● Paper & poster presentation (based on paper submission)
● Project Competition
Paper, poster or project can be submitted to the following topics:
● Antennas (miniaturization, reconfigurable antennas, meta-materials, multiband antennas)
● Antenna arrays (phased array, digital beam-forming, signal processing)
● Antenna measurements and fabrications
● Digital communications (channel sounding and modeling, high data rate modulation techniques, hardware design)
● GNSS systems (antennas, receiver, anti-jamming)
● EM techniques and applications for defense and security
● Drone Technology
● Antennas for Biomedical Engineering
● Other required topics may be suggested
Paper Submission:
Manuscripts are limited to 2 pages containing sufficient information. On the base of the paper, there will be two types of presentation.
a) Paper presentation
b) Poster presentation
Download Template
Please submit the papers to the following mail address:
*At the sending time, please entitle the subject-"WAP-Paper submission" and give your designation on mail body.
Project Competition:
The number of the participant can be maximum 3. Please send your abstract on the following address:
*At the sending time, please entitle the subject-"WAP Project Competition" and give your designation on mail body. Please attach any prototype or your project picture (if possible) with abstract in the mail so that we can use the picture on souvenir.